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Down Syndrome: Health Issues  Healthcare Guidelines, Information, and Articles. Site written by a Physician who is also the father of a child with Down Syndrome.

NICHCY Org. Fact Sheet Down Syndrome

UPSIDE An informal society of individuals, parents, and friends involved with the world of Down Syndrome.

ACDS: Association for Children with Down Syndrome Information, Resources, and More.

Being Into Down Syndrome "People with Down syndrome can succeed."

Articles on Communication How parents can teach their children with Down Syndrome to talk and communicate effectively.

Down Syndrome Association of the UK New Parents Section. Information and Links.

Down Syndrome Health Issues Information from a Father of a child with Down Syndrome who is also a Pediatrician.

National Down Syndrome Society Advocacy, Research, and Support.

Growth Charts for Children with Down Syndrome Charts you can print. The Charts are for height, weight, and head circumferences. 

Learn about Down Syndrome Symptoms, and statistics as to how often it occurs.

Down Syndrome Research Foundation News, health issues, research, events, education, alternate therapies and contact details. New parent section. 

Eastern Pennsylvania Down Syndrome Center Message board and chat room.

Diagnosis Down Syndrome Personal stories from parents on their adoption of a Down Syndrome baby. Also stories from those that found out during the pregnancy, and those that had a diagnosis after.

Martial Arts Therapy 

Reuters Health, NY. "Treadmill May help Down Syndrome Kids Walk Sooner."

KEEN Kids Enjoy Exercise Now: Down Syndrome. Short Fact Sheet.

Wisconsin University News Kids with Down Syndrome Learn language Beyond Adolescent.

Downi Creations  Collectible dolls with Down Syndrome features. Commercial Site (rather expensive).



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