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CHSHCN List Serv

A special list serv dedicated to children with special health care needs and their families.

Please follow the Subscribe Directions Below Carefully.

The purpose of the list serv, from Staff at the Institute for Child Health Policy at the University of Florida (supported by the Maternal and Child Health Bureau),  is to develop an electronic forum for discussion of issues relevant to all children with special health care needs and their families, as well as pediatric health care in general. This list serv, by adopting a non-categorical rather than a condition-specific approach, provides a single location for discussion of issues pertinent to all children with special needs previously absent on the electronic superhighway.

A further purpose of the list, is to establish an electronic network of individuals with shared interests, both professional and personal, in the important issues for this special population of children and their families. A membership list will be constructed and maintained in an archive for access by subscribers. Each individual is encouraged to complete the short bio which will be disseminated within 1-2 weeks of subscribing.

Given the current national debates about health care reform, the list will initially focus on health care reform and its impact on children, especially children with special health care needs. The list members will have the opportunity to examine the salient issues presented by this special population of children for health care reform, especially the implications of managed care and managed competition environments for these children.

How to Subscribe: 

You will be sent an immediate confirmation notice that you have been added to the list of subscribers.


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