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Family Friendly Links Covers a variety of topics including health, education, safety, consumer news, advocacy, resources, just for fun, and social issues and policies.

Amazing Adventure Series Visit this site and check out June the Prune and Blosson's Tale, two stories you can listen to in real audio as you read along!

Pitara Visit Pitara, a fun children's web site with an Indian perspective. Pitara is a Hindi word which translates into a 'a chest full of surprises'.

Nick Jr. If your children have any favorite Nick Jr. shows this is the place to find them. Blues Clues activities can be found here and enjoyed by even the youngest of web surfers.

Yahooligans Brought to you by one of the internet's most popular search engines Yahoo! Yahooligans is a great start to finding oodles of fun things on the internet for the young or young at heart.

Fun Kid's Sites

The Yuckiest Site on the Internet The Discovery Channel

PBS Kids

FirstGov for Kids U.S. Government Interagency Kids' Portal 

Children's Literature This web site is packed with information about children's books. Help choose books wisely for your children as well as suggesting gift ideas for others.


KidsPsych  A fun site for children which helps them with cognitive thinking skills and deductive reasoning. 

KidsCom An educational and entertaining electronic playground for kids 4 to 15

Cyber-Seuss Games Zone Games to play on-line.


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