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Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf
Financial Aid and Scholarships

If your child is under 6 and has a moderate to profound hearing loss, you can apply for money to pay for intervention, educational and/or rehabilitation services. There is also money available for children with hearing loss between the ages of 5 and 19 to attend art or science courses during the summer, weekends, or even after school. The second web link provides a directory of additional resources for habilitation, rehabilitation services, hearing aids, and other assistive devices.

American Council of the Blind
Deadline: March 1
Student must be legally blind and a U.S. citizen or resident alien. Approximately twelve scholarships are awarded per year ranging from $1,000 to $5,000 each.

American Foundation for the Blind, Inc.
Type in the word "scholarship" in the search engine to discover numerous funding opportunities, including: Delta Gamma Foundation Florence Margaret Harvey Memorial Scholarship: $1,000 to a legally blind junior, senior, or graduate student studying rehabilitation and/or education.
Ferdinand Torres AFB Scholarship: $1,000 to a full-time post-secondary student who is legally blind and presents evidence of economic need; the applicant must reside in the United States, but need not be a citizen.

American Speech Language Hearing Foundation
Each year the American Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation (ASHF) offers several scholarship and grant competitions to graduate students and new researchers in the field of communication sciences and disorders. Up to ten Graduate Student Scholarships are available annually for master's or doctoral level students studying audiology or speech language pathology. Of the ten scholarships, one gives priority to a student with a disability, one gives priority to an international student studying in the US, and one gives priority to a US citizen who is a member of an ethnic or racial minority group. The scholarships range between $2,000 and $4,000.

Association for Education and Rehabilitation of the Blind and Visually Impaired
William & Dorothy Ferrell Scholarship
The Ferrell Scholarship, of $500, is awarded to two selected applicants who are legally blind and are studying for a career in the field of services to persons who are blind or visually impaired. Applicants for the Ferrell Scholarship must be legally blind. The definition of legal blindness is a visual acuity of 20/200 or less in the best corrected eye and/or a visual field of 20 degrees or less.
Applicants for the scholarships must be studying at the post-secondary level for a career in the field of services to persons who are blind or visually impaired. Applications must be received in the AER central office by April 15 of even numbered years (i.e., 2000, 2002, 2004, etc.). Scholarships are awarded in conjunction with AER’s biennial international conference, which is held during the summer of the even numbered years.

Billy Barty Foundation
Sponsors a scholarship fund to help promising college students who have a medical form of dwarfism. Provides $2,000 scholarships.

Blinded Veterans Association
Kathern F. Gruber Scholarship Program
Since the early '80s, BVA has offered spouses and dependent children of blinded veterans a chance to continue their education through the Kathern F. Gruber Scholarship Program.

The Children with Special Needs Fund,1607,7-132-2942_4911_4917-56806--,00.html
The Fund provides services and equipment to children with special health care needs that no other resource – including state or federal programs – provides. The Fund was created in 1944 with a large bequest of Dow Chemical stock by Dr. and Mrs. James Pardee. Dr. Pardee was a co-founder of the Dow Chemical Company. The Pardees’ gift remains a major portion of the Fund. It has been supplemented by donations made by many other individuals over the past 58 years. This generosity has enabled the Fund to help thousands of families. The Fund is administered through the Michigan Department of Community Health.

Christian Record Services Scholarships
Partial scholarships are offered to legally blind young people striving to obtain a college education.

Clay Aiken Able-to-Serve Grants
Deadline: Nov. 30
The Clay Aiken Able-to-Serve Grants of up to $1,000 support youth-led service projects in which youth with and without disabilities serve their communities together. These grants support youth (ages 5-25), teachers, youth leaders, youth-serving organizations, or organizations that serve people with disabilities in implementing service projects for National and Global Youth Service Day, April 20-22, 2007. Projects can address themes such as the environment, disaster relief, public health and awareness, community education, hunger, and literacy, and any issues youth identify as a community need.

College Scholarships Available for Individuals with Parents with a Disability
(Through the Looking Glass' National Resource Center for Parents with Disabilities) announced by ADA Ohio. In recognition of the more than nine million parents with disabilities in the U.S. and their families, Through the Looking Glass (TLG), a non-profit organization, is pleased to announce the 2006 College Scholarship Fund specifically for graduating high school seniors who have parents with disabilities. Scholarships funds are available to graduating high school students who: demonstrate academic and personal achievement; have grown up with at least one parent with a disability; and will be a high school graduate or graduating senior by Summer 2006 Up to ten separate $1,000 awards will be given out in Summer 2006. These awards are one of several projects of Through the Looking Glass' National Resource Center for Parents with Disabilities. This National Center is funded by the National Institute on Disability Research and Rehabilitation (NIDRR), U.S. Department of Education. More information and application forms are available on Through the Looking Glass website. Forms may also be requested by calling 1-800-644-2666.

Cystic Fibrosis Scholarship Foundation (CFSF)
The mission of the Cystic Fibrosis Scholarship Foundation (CFSF) is to provide an opportunity for young adults with CF to further their education at a college or vocational school. This possibility is often out of reach for families with CF children because of the high cost of medical care from the time these students were babies. However we at CFSF believe in the future of these young adults, their ability to achieve personal and educational goals, and their importance in making a long-term contribution to society on all levels. provides links to quality information on disabilities and related issues for people interested in disabilities--including but not limited to those with disabilities, families, employers, and service providers. Created by a number of different federal agencies as part of President George W. Bush's New Freedom Initiative, this well-organized and user-friendly site offers broad coverage, with information from almost every governmental agency. An excellent starting point for information, the site is regularly updated and offers basic and advanced search options. Users can choose accessibility preferences for viewing the pages. The main page provides a list of Hot Topics ranging from currently available resources to assisting with the transition from military to civilian life. The Hot Topics section changes on a regular basis. The nine main categories are Civil Rights, Community Life, Education, Employment, Housing, Health, Technology, Benefits, and Transportation. Each category's page includes a short description of how the topic relates to disabilities. Pages also include Popular Links and topic highlights, e.g., News and Events, State and Local Resources, Grants and Funding, and Laws and Regulations. works as a type of metasite, with links to hundreds of other Web sites, including those developed by governmental entities such as the departments of Education, Labor, and Housing and Urban Development, the Centers for Disease Control, and FEMA, to name just a few. Also available are links to many .edu and .org sites. This site is an excellent resource for anyone looking for information and resources on disabilities.

Disability RFPs Posted by the Foundation Center PND Digest
Each RFP listing provides a brief overview of a current funding opportunity offered by a foundation or other grantmaking organization. Interested applicants should read the full RFP at the grantmaker's Web site or contact the grantmaker directly for complete program guidelines and eligibility requirements before submitting a proposal to that grantmaker.

Evelyn & Fredrick Weissman Education and Charitable Foundation
30238 Spring River Dr., Southfield, MI 48076-1047
Telephone: (248) 203-9270
Provides scholarships to individuals. Grants also given for speech and physical therapy to mentally disabled individuals, primarily in Michigan. Applications accepted throughout the year; Completion of formal application required, including transcript and essay required.

Everyday Miracles Autism Support Network
Grant Application
Sponsored by Flagstar Bank of Michigan.

Financial Aid for Eye Care
Many state and national resources regularly provide aid to people with vision problems. The National Eye Institute, which supports eye research, does not help individuals pay for eye care. However, it does provide this directory of possible program assistance, including:

Financial Assistance for Prostheses and Other Assistive Devices
Courtesy of the National Limb Loss Information Center.

Foundation Center
Reference Guide for the Disabled
If you are an individual with a physical or other disability, and you are looking for information on grants specifically for those with disabilities, this user aid will help you in your search. We have selected a few of the most important print and electronic resources for you to begin your search.

Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind, Inc
This charity provides trained guide dogs to the blind at absolutely no charge. They also include training in using the dog and will pay for room and board, all equipment, and round trip transportation. For more information, contact: Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind, Inc, 371 East Jericho Tpke., Smithtown, NJ 11787; Telephone: 800-548-4337; 631-265-2121.

HEATH Resource Center
George Washington University has received a grant from the U.S. Department of Education's Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services to operate the National Clearinghouse on Postsecondary Education for Individuals with Disabilities, known as the HEATH Resource Center. The web page contains information about funding opportunities along with many other resources.

Informed Consumer's Guide to Funding Assistive Technology
With the advent of new technology, more and more options exist to enable persons with disabilities to live independently, to achieve higher levels of education, to participate in activities of the workplace, and to engage in hobbies and recreational activities. With the awareness of the existence of technology, persons with disabilities and their families expect access to that technology. However, attempting to fulfill those expectations often leads to frustration as individuals seek financial assistance to purchase needed devices. Consumers and families are often confronted with a seemingly impenetrable maze of eligibility requirements, potential funding sources, restrictions, paperwork, rules and regulations, and denials and refusals. This Informed Consumer Guide attempts to provide sources of information to help negotiate that maze. Researched and written by Anjanette Daigle, Stephen Lowe, Katherine Belknap and Lynn Halverson and produced by ABLEDATA, October 2001.

Jewish Guild for the Blind
GuildScholar Program
The Jewish Guild for the Blind has created an annual scholarship program for college-bound high school students who are legally blind. Applications will be accepted from students at the start of their senior year, with recipients selected and scholarships awarded later in that academic year. The GuildScholar Program will award 12 to 15 scholarships of up to $15,000 each. For information about the program, send an e-mail to or call Gordon Rovins at 212-769-7801. The GuildScholar application process is on-line. The recommendations and personal statement must be submitted electronically in Word; other supporting documents may be in Word, PDF, JPEG or TIFF. Application and supporting documents must be at The Guild by September 15th.

Jim Mullen Foundation and Computers for Schools
National toll-free number 1.800.939.6000
Do you have a disability? Are you in need of a computer? The Jim Mullen Foundation and Computers for Schools provide low-cost computers for people who have a disability in the US and Canada. Tell them who you are. Tell them the nature of your disability (along with verification from your doctor), and they will provide you with a free computer. They will attempt to provide you with the necessary adaptive hardware and software so that you will be most productive with your new computer.
(Last checked 07/22/06)

Joseph P. Kennedy Jr Foundation
The Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. Foundation, established in 1946 by Ambassador and Mrs. Joseph P. Kennedy, honors their eldest son who was killed in World War II. The Foundation has two major objectives: to improve the way society deals with its citizens who have mental retardation (intellectual disabilities), and to help identify and disseminate ways to prevent the causes of mental retardation (intellectual disabilities). The guiding strategy of the Foundation is to use its funds in areas where a multiplier effect can be achieved through development of innovative models for services and supports to persons with intellectual disabilities and their families, or for highly selective demonstrations of the prevention of intellectual disabilities. The Foundation operates by providing seed funding that encourages new methods of service and supports, and through use of the Foundation's influence to promote public awareness of the needs of persons with intellectual disabilities and their families. Mission "The mission of the Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. Foundation is to provide leadership in the field of mental retardation and service to persons with mental retardation, both those born and unborn, and their families."

Latreese Nicole Fagan Memorial Scholarship Fund (Lupus)

Reserved for Michigan lupus patient planning to attend a Michigan college.

Lucent Pioneer Organization Scholarship
No URL: For more information, call 1-888-999-5877
The Lucent Pioneer Organization offers scholarships to assist with tuition for physically and mentally challenged students in pursuit of education. (As defined in The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1992). Students may apply each January and applications should be mailed to the nearest Lucent Technologies Pioneer office..

Michigan Elks Association Charitable Grant Fund
Address: 43904 Lee Ann Ln., Canton, MI 48187-2822
Provides scholarships to disabled residents of Michigan. Applications are made to individual Elks Lodges. Application form required.
Deadline: Jan. 31

Muscular Dystrophy Family Foundation
Thanks to the generosity of our donors, the MDFF continues to succeed in its mission: to provide adaptive equipment and emotional support to individuals and families affected by one of over 40 neuromuscular diseases. Some of the adaptive equipment provided by MDFF includes wheelchairs, hospital beds, van lifts, ramps for family homes, shower chairs, lift systems, communication devices and breathing machines. Support services, including clinical programs, home visits, and social outings, also help clients learn to live everyday with No Boundaries.

National Council of Jewish Women New York Section
Awards competitive scholarships and "camperships" every year.

National Federation of the Blind Scholarship Program
Each year at its National Convention in July, the National Federation of the Blind gives a broad array of scholarships to recognize achievement by blind scholars. All applicants for these scholarships must be (1) legally blind and (2) pursuing or planning to pursue a full-time post-secondary course of study. In addition to these restrictions, some scholarships have been further restricted by the donor.

National Organization on Disability : Housing Access
Try typing in grants or funding as a keyword search.

Orthotic & Prosthetic Assistance Fund, Inc.
Twice each year, depending on financial conditions, the Fund awards financial assistance to one or more 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charities that share our commitment to supporting an enhanced quality of life for individuals with disabilities, especially those served by members of the orthotics and prosthetics community.

Paralyzed Veterans of America, Michigan Chapter
Equipment Donation Program

Patient Advocate Foundation
Patient Advocate Foundation is a national non-profit organization that serves as an active liaison between the patient and their insurer, employer and/or creditors to resolve insurance, job discrimination, and/or debt crisis matters relative to their diagnosis through case managers and attorneys. Patient Advocate Foundation seeks to safeguard patients through effective mediation assuring access to care, maintenance of employment and preservation of their financial stability. Patient Advocate Foundation offers direct patient services through this website, and can be contacted via E-mail at Our toll-free number is 1-800-532-5274.
Use the search engine to find out what is available in your community. Information available on (to mention only a few from the entire list): Children, Children's Health Insurance Programs, Community Referral, Disability Services, Financial Assistance, Food Stamps, Health Care, Insurance, Legal, Medication/Drug Assistance and Special Needs.

Pfizer's Epilepsy Scholarship Award
One year $3000 award goes to 16 college students each year.

Pilot Dogs, Inc.
This charity gives its trained animals to the blind at absolutely no charge. They also include four weeks of training in using the dog and will pay for room and board, all equipment, and round trip transportation. For more information, contact: Pilot Dogs, Inc., 625 West Town Street, Columbus, OH 43215; Telephone: 614-221-6367; Fax: 614-221-1577

Resources for Blind and Visually Impaired Students Available
Federal Student Aid, an office of the U.S. Department of Education, has a variety of information resources available for blind and visually impaired students considering enrolling in or currently enrolled in education beyond high school, including the Student Aid Audio Guide, Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and FAFSA on the Web Worksheet, Funding Education Beyond High School: The Guide to Federal Student Aid, Repaying Your Student Loans, and the Braille Bookmark.

Roy Johnson Scholarships
No URL: For more information contact, the Michigan Commission for the Blind, P.O. Box 30015, Lansing MI 48909, Telephone: 517-373-2062 or 1-800-292-4200
Any blind person who has received a bachelor's degree from an accredited college in the US and wishes to pursue a graduate degree at an accredited college within the State of Michigan is eligible. Factors taken into account are financial condition of the applicant and his/her family, as well as the applicant's scholastic record. Funds must be used to pursue graduate studies (tuition, room and board, or reader services).

Social Security Administration Blind Or Have Low Vision Assistance
Students Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing in Postsecondary Education
Courtesy of the George Washington University Heath Resource Center. 16pp.

Toronto Rehabilitation Institute
Scholarship in Rehabilitation and Related Research for Graduate Students with Disabilities
Application deadline: May 1
Scholarships of $20,000 and an educational disability expense supplement are awarded. Fields of study must relate to rehabilitation. Eligible disciplines may include but are not limited to Engineering, Social Work, Psychology, Medicine, Physical/Occupational Therapy, Kinesiology, Biostatistics, Chemistry, Biology, Nutrition, Pharmacology, Early Childhood Education, Computer Sciences, Architecture, Speech-Language Pathology, Physics, and Public Policy/Administration). Applicants must plan to be enrolled in a rehab-related graduate program leading to a masters or doctoral degree at one of the following universities: McMaster University, Ryerson University, the University of Toronto, the University of Waterloo, Wilfred Laurier University, or York University. Applications are encouraged from international students as well as final year undergraduate students. Made possible by the financial generosity of the TD Bank Financial Group.

United Cerebral Palsy (UCP) National Office
Bellows Fund
In 1995, Elsie S. Bellows donated a Charitable Fund to UCP in the amount of $4.3 million to provide assistive technology devices to individuals with disabilities in financial need. The annual income generated from the Charitable Fund is utilized to purchase assistive technology equipment for individuals with disabilities. This program is available only through UCP affiliates.
Under the Bellows Program, each UCP affiliate receives an annual notice in November or December, indicating that affiliate’s allocation of Bellows Program funds for the entire year. The amount is based on a formula set by the UCP Board of Trustees. An application for each grant must be submitted by the affiliate for review and approval by the UCP Bellows Committee in order to receive the funds.

United Cerebral Palsy (UCP) National Office
Grants and Contracts Office
Our innovations enhance the present and help ensure a future of promise for children and adults with disabilities and their families. UCP continually searches for opportunities to fund innovations that improve services to people with disabilities (and their families) and promote their inclusion in their communities. Since 1987, UCP has demonstrated national leadership in advancing choice, inclusion, and person-centered services for people with disabilities. UCP leads a variety of innovative projects that not only serve as a catalyst for policy change but also demonstrates quality and effective practices. Currently, our programmatic areas are employment, assistive technology, AmeriCorps, Learn and Serve, training residential providers, personal assistance services, and implementation of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

United Student Aid Funds
Access to Education Scholarship
Deadline: March 15
Provides $1,500 to students with an annual family income of less than $35,000. Up to 50% of awards will be targeted to applicants who are members of an ethnic-minority group or who have a physical disability.
Also listed under Grants for Individuals -- Minorities.

University of Michigan
Services for Students with Disabilities
The Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) office has several scholarships ranging from $500 to $4,000. The Ridley Foundation Scholarship ($500-$4,000) is available only to students with physical disabilities. The Beaver Knox ($500-$1,000), Adam Miller ($1,000) and Wesley Smith ($500) Scholarships are not restricted by type of disability, and as such are also available to students with "non-physical" disabilities such as learning disabilities. For more information contact the office at 664 Haven Hall, Ann Arbor, MI 48109; telephone: (734) 763-1082

Using Mini-Grants to Fund Assistive Technology for Students with Severe Disabilities
Assistive technology devices can often be the deciding factor in whether a student with severe disabilities succeeds or fails in their educational programs. It is widely accepted that assistive technology can enhance communication, inclusion in school and community, and vocational opportunities for students with disabilities. Although IDEA specifically identified the school districts' responsibility to provide assistive technology to students who need them to benefit from their educational programs, school districts of all sizes often do not have funds available to purchase appropriate devices for all students who need them. In these cases, mini-grants from local civic and business organizations can often help to generate the needed funds.

VSA Arts of Michigan
Promotes arts, education, and creative expression involving children and adults with disabilities. Provides limited financial support for various programs and projects.

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