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Learning Disabilities

Invisible Disability Center Support for individuals with learning disabilities.

Childhood Learning Disabilities Different types of childhood learning disabilities, causes, diagnostics, treatment, and coping methods for families.

LD OnLine  An interactive guide to learning disabilities for parents, teachers, and children. Includes: Articles, Research, Chat, Newsletter, Resources, Children's Area, Personal Stories, and More.

National Youth Network Information for parents about Learning Disabilities.

The Resource Room Resources in reading, spelling, math, and comprehension for people of all ages with learning disabilities. Also discusses Home Schooling.

Learning Disabilities Online Articles on Learning Disabilities.

Solving the Puzzle of Learning Disorders By Sharon L. Wenger, M.Ed.

Learning Disabilities California  Many Links.

Lesson 08 Accommodations for Students with Disabilities.


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Bright Solutions for Dyslexia Description, definitions, symptoms, myths, positive aspects, self-esteem building, types of testing, teaching methods, statistics, research, and more.

Dyslexia Fact Sheet.

Neuroscience for Kids - Dyslexia Dyslexia: Information, facts, and references.

Dyslexia Nessy Information about Dyslexia for Children. Includes: Famous Dyslexics, Learning/Teaching System with Cartoons, Games, and Resources.

Teens Health: Understanding Dyslexia Fact Sheet.

Dyslexia Parents Resource Resources, Research, Discussion Board, Support, IEPs, Symptoms, Hints, and More.

Dyslexic Children Language Deficits in Dyslexic Children.


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Nonverbal Learning Disability

NLD Online News, Resources, Advocacy, Chat, Information "Packet", and More.

NLD on the Web Fact Sheet, Parent Support, Advocacy, as well as Articles you may Download.

The LDA-Gram Article:Nonverbal Learning Disorders.

NLD Margaret J. Kay, Ed.D. Psychologist (PA.) Fact Sheet and Links.


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Auditory Processing Disorder

CAPD: From the Heart of a Mother Information for parents about Central Auditory Processing Disorder. Includes: Links, Support, Organizations, and Personal Stories.  

Auditory Processing Disorder Facts Fact Sheet.

National Coalition on Auditory Processing Disorders Assists individuals affected by Auditory Processing Disorders. Offers: Information, Advocacy, Support, and More.


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Dyscalculia Fact Sheet. "...a lesser-known learning disability that affects math calculations".

The Dyscalculia Site Assessment for dyscalculia.

Dyslexia and Dyscalculia Two different issues or part of the same problem? 

Math Learning Disabilities Dyscalculia: Resources and Links.


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Apraxia of Speech

Childhood Apraxia of Speech General Information for Parents.

Apraxia-Kids Articles by speech-language pathologists, an e-mail discussion list, message board, newsletter, resources, book suggestions, and more. 

Kids Talk Back Support of parents with children who are apraxic. 

Apraxia Compares the difference between Aquired Apraxia and Developmental Apraxia.

Children's Speech Sound Disorders FAQs


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