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Employment of the Disabled Legal requirements from employers in respect of disability work rights.

Congressional E-mail Directory To find the contact information for your representative you can search this site by state or by name. Let your legislators know your opinion about issues affecting your family. This site includes links to many of the legislator's home pages as well.

US Dept. of Justice's Americans With Disabilities Act Information on the Web

Text Version of the Americans with Disabilities Act

ADA Homepage

The Rehabilitation Act Amendments of 1998

U.S. Department of Justice

U.S. Department of Labor

Commission on Medical and Physical Disability Law

The Health Law Resource

Mental and Physical Disability Law

Legal & Advocacy Resources & Links  Advocacy Resources, Disability and Business Technical Assistance Centers, Legal Resources, and Special Needs Trust Information and Links.

Protect Yourself! Self-help legal information for disabled.

Education Law Center

The Disabilities Rights Network of Pennsylvania (DRN) (formerly the Disabilities Law Project)

Social Security Advisory Services  Social Security law, information, and resources


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