Parents Exchange offers two tools for the visually impaired to assist in utilizing this website. These tools can be located at the top of each page. 

(1) There will be a link labeled LARGE TEXT BOX. This will take you to a box which will allow you to display any mid-sized page of text in large print without having to reconfigure your browser. To use this Large Print feature, go to the page you wish to view, highlight the text with the mouse, press CTRL+C return to the Enlarge text Box, and paste the text in the text area below by pressing CTRL+V (or clicking on Edit, Paste). Finally, click DISPLAY to read the text in large print. Please note: Do not hit the Home button under the text box unless you are finished visiting Parents Exchange (the box will redirect you to another site). To return to Parents Exchange please use your browser's Back Button.

(2) You will find three buttons at the top of each page which will allow the reader to change the background color of that page for maximum viewing. Simply select the color background you prefer and click the button.

To use these tools you must have your Java enabled.

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