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Child Abuse Prevention Network

Family Violence Prevention Fund

Guardian Unlimited  "Disabled children are at least three times more likely than other children to become victims of physical or sexual abuse...".

Domestic Violence Awareness Handbook Topics include:  Who are the victims? What can you say to a victim? What is a safety plan? Where to get help? What communities can do to help.

Safe Child Program Child Abuse Prevention. Protect children, preschool through adolescence, without fear or paranoia. Includes school bullying.

All Walks of Life Preventing violence to people with disabilities.

Kempe Children's Center How to recognize and do something about Child Abuse.

Beverly's Homepage: Abuse Survivors' Resources Resource Links and Creative Writings On Being a Survivor.

ChildAdvocates News and Volunteer Opportunities.

Child Abuse Statistics Statistics, Research, and Resources by Jim Hopper, Ph.D.

The Abuse Prevention Fund Arizona

SAFE (Stop Abuse For Everyone) Direct Services, Brochures, Information, and more.

Domestic Violence - Metro Nashville Police Dept. Symptoms, Safety Separation Plan, Response, Follow-up, and Resources.

Sexual Abuse of Males "Approximately one in six boys is sexually abused before age 16".

The National Organization on Male Sexual Victimization

SafetyNet - Domestic Violence Resources Domestic Violence Resources, Information, and Statistics.

DRM WebWatcher  Abuse of People with Disabilities.

NSPCC Protecting Disabled Children from Abuse.

Parents United Together; Story of Jacob Pigford  An Autistic Child who was severely abused in a Public School. Note: Graphic Contents.

State Senator Mary Lazich Protecting Children who Ride the School Bus. 

NCEA National Center Elder Abuse  Information and Assistance on Elder Abuse.

CIBRA Autism and Mental Health: Children Injured by Restraints. Dangerous practices being used with autistic children.


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