Face Of An Angel

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by Janeen Gascon

A roll of the dice
A spin of the wheel,
Place your bets
Lets make a deal.

The seed has been planted
we'll both say a prayer.
A boy or a girl
just health is all we care.

A roll of the dice
ten fingers, ten toes,
the face of an angel
I hope her hair grows..

Some doubts have been raised
she's not talking at two,
seems distant, but caring
now what do we do?

We first see a doctor
that nice spring day,
There are so many questions
she's Autistic, they say.

Now comes the hard part
our quest to reach her,
we'll love, guide and hold her
while we struggle to teach her.

A spin of the wheel
it's all random they say
as her parent, I can tell you
it doesn't feel that way.

It was nothing we did
We are not a fault,
what will it take
to bring this guilt to a halt?

She healthy and silly
and God knows a beauty.
Maybe blame is no more
than a parental duty.

We took our chances
with our eyes on the prize.
It was Autism, not Ashley
that disrupted our lives.

It was the luck of the dice
that sent her our way,
A bundle of joy
that cold November day.

She's precious and loving
and she needs special care,
She's wanted and loved
Far beyond compare.

She's a daughter, a friend,
a student, a kid,
Who could ever suggest
it was something we did?