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Autism National Committee

Autism Resources Links, Advise to Parents, FAQ, and Book Recommendations.

NICHCY Autism General Information about Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorder.

Autism Depot A Resource for Parents of Autistic Children.

Center for the Study of Autism Information on Various Topics Related to or About Autism.

ABA Resources
Resources for Recovery from Autism/PDD/Hyperlexia.

Twenty Asked Questions and Answers.

Hugs Feel Good  Free downloadable books for and by autists.

Federation of Invisible Disabilities Autism

Living With An Invisible Disability Personal Homepage.

Autism Society of America

General Information about Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorder

The Autism Picture Page A creative site composed from real life documenting captured moments and gestures and faces, the human side of life on the autism spectrum.

Social Behavior in Autism
Stephen M. Edelson, Ph.D.

Ronald Hoffman, M.D.

Autism Home Page
Information on autism and related disorders

Dancing in Cornmeal - Life With Autism  A parentís story, educational manual and inspirational essays.

Action for Autism Non-profit Autism Organization of India.

AHA/AS/PDD Advocates for Individuals with High Functioning Autism, Asperger's Syndrome and other Pervasive Developmental Disorders.


Autism in Educational Environment
Links and Resources.

Autism Europe
A European Association which helps to improve the lives of those whose existence is affected by Autism.

Picky Kids, Eating, And Autism Creative ways to get your child to eat healthy foods.

Food Allergies Linked to Autism? Sidney MacDonald Baker, MD

Autistic Spectrum Disorder Sensory Integration Dysfunction in Autism.

Autism and Nutrition Dietary Recommendations for People with Autism.

Autism Menu Lots of Links Here!

Future Horizons Book Excerpts, Resources, and Conference Dates.

Autism Link Page
Links to Autism-Related Sites all over the World.

Autism: Oops Wrong Planet Syndrome
Personal Web Site of a Family with Autism.

Autism/PDD Children Resources Key Issues Associated  with  Autism.

Autism Research Institute

Autism Research Unit Autism Research, Papers, and Resources.

Autistic Web Ring

Registry for People Interested in Computers and Autism A registry to provide a way for people who are working with autistic children who love computers to find each other.

Computers and Autism Computer Technology and Autism.

Denton County Autism Society
Lewisville, Texas

Dr. Goldberg's Pages on Autism

GoPlay Autism Resources
A Maine Family's Early Intervention Program for Autism - PDD.

Great Phoenix Chapter: Autism Society of America

Illinois Center for Autism

InternAUT Newswire 
Independent Living on the Autistic Spectrum.

Links to Autism Resources

Questia Autism Links

New York Autism Network

Parents of Two
Personal Web Site of a Family with Two Autistic Children.

Ray's Autism Page
"Lets Destroy The Myths And Stop The Spread Of Bad Information".

SFTAH: Society for the Autistically Handicapped

Special Education and Autism

Untangle Autism Information, Links

University Students with Autism and Asperger's Syndrome

Yale's Autism Clinic

Irish Society For Autism List of Links

Autism and School Based Programming  Strategies for Meeting the Needs of Low Functioning Autistic Children.

Autism Unraveled UK Organization

AutFriends IRC Channel for People with Autism, Friends, and Caregivers.

Wesley's Way Journal of a seven year old Autistic Child.

JaynaGirl A Web Page for Anyone Living With Or Trying To Understand, A Child With PDD-NOS.

Autism: Interventions and Strategies for Success Several articles on teaching methods and techniques, including assistive technology, structured teaching, communication, and learning styles.

The PLAY Project Early intervention, training and advocacy for young children with autism.

Access Autism Making (and Keeping) Friends:A Model for Social Skills Instruction.

Teaching the Autistic Child Strategies for engaging the autistic child in learning. Includes articles on Encouraging Artistic Exploration and Expression, Imitative Therapy, and Games to Help Communication.

AutismWeb: A Parents' Resource Guide A guide to the diagnosis, treatment and education of children with autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD). 

About Autism Personal Home Page by the parents of Zoe, a little girl diagnosed with autism.

Who Let the Dogs Out? A family's story of their struggle to recover their child from Autism.

Children Injured by Restraints and Aversives (CIBRA) An organization founded by two families whose young autistic children were severely traumatized in well known programs of discrete trial and behavior modification (ABA).

Parents Exchange Information and Resource Links on Asperger Syndrome.



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