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NICHCY Visual Impairment Fact Sheet

Blindness Resource Center

The Associated Blind, Inc. Offers programs for and to help blind and visually impaired people.

Louis Database A database of accessible materials for people who are blind or visually impaired. Information about more than 145,000 titles of accessible materials, including Braille, large print, sound recordings, and computer files from over 200 agencies throughout the United States.

Aniridia-A Genetic Eye Disorder
Information, Links, and Directory.

A-Z to Deafblindness Understand more about deafblindness, and the people who live with it, including information about how to communicate with a deafblind person.

Pediatric Vision Info and Resources  

History of Reading Codes for the Blind

Helen Keller Worldwide Helps organizations and institutions in countries where the need is great. Includes resources, programs and general information.

Canine Companions For Independence

National Federation of the Blind

Links related to Blindness

Digital Journal of Ophthalmology
An electronic journal dedicated to the dissemination of ophthalmic information over the World Wide Web.

Blind Babies Foundation A Nonprofit Organization that assists families in understanding and coping with the impact of visual impairments on the development of children aged birth to six years.

Children's Vision Information on vision problems in children.

Choosing a Pediatric Eye Doctor An Article Discussing Points for Choosing a Pediatric Optometrist or Ophthalmologist.

Appearance: Colorblindness How things look to someone who is colorblind. Information on Colorblindness.

Colorblind Information on color blindness. Links include tests to determine color deficiency.

Creamer Color Chart Screening test for the early detection of red-green colorblindness in children.

The Blind Readers Page A source of information about books and library services for the blind and physically handicapped.

Recording For The Blind and Dyslexic An educational library for people with print disabilities, with a 77,000-title library of taped textbooks, reference and professional materials for people who cannot read standard print because of a disability.

RNIB - Charles Bonnet Syndrome Visual hallucinations in people who have a sudden change in vision such as that brought on by macular degeneration or serious sight loss.

Myopia (Near-sightedness) Information about Myopia.

Empower Connection - Technology for the Blind Information and help for people using assistive Internet technology.

Community Services for the Blind and Partially Sighted Assorted information and resources for the visually impaired.

Braille Bookstore Large selection of books for children and adults.

National Braille Association Provide continuing education to those who prepare Braille, and to provide materials to persons who are visually impaired.

DeafBlind Children Home Page Information and support for parents of deafblind children.

Lenny McHugh's Home Page Real-life stories from Lenny, who is a retired blind computer programmer. Includes links to many other resources for the blind.

Blindaid Africa A charity dedicated to helping visually impaired students in Africa.

EIES of New Jersey Information on  how visually impaired people can use a radio or telephone to listen to newspapers and magazines.

Feach - Parents Support for Visually Impaired and Blind Children News, information and links.

International Blind Sports Federation (IBSA) Provides support for sporting events for the blind world wide. Competitions, news, and forums.

Assistance Animals Training Resources Links to articles, agencies, organizations and websites to with information about and resources for therapy and assistance animals training and development.

The Guide Horse Foundation for the Blind Provides miniature Guide Horses free-of-charge to the blind and visually impaired. Guide horses are a popular alternative to seeing-eye dogs for those who prefer a guide with an exceptionally long lifespan.

About Amblyopia What is lazy Eye? Information for parents from an expert eye doctor. Discusses all treatment options, diagnosis and eye muscle surgery.

Amblyopia: A Mother's View Stories of a mother's experience in dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of her child. Resources and links.

Franchesca's Microphthalmia Page Franchesca is a teenager with anophthalmia. Here she, her mother, and a friend share their thoughts.

Micro and Anopthalmic Children's Society (MACS) Support and information for parents and professionals with microphthalmia, anophthalmia, coloboma and related conditions.

American Nystagmus Network A nonprofit organization to serve the needs and interests of those affected by nystagmus.

American Cancer Society - Retinoblastoma Comprehensive overview of risks, causes, prevention, detection, diagnosis, staging, and treatment of retinoblastoma.

Daren's Retinoblastoma Page A parent's thoughts and feelings about living with and dealing with this childhood cancer.

Retinopathy of Prematurity Information about the disease with photographs.

Ped Eye An in depth look at exotropia, what it is, the signs, diagnosis, treatment, surgery, patches and glasses and prognosis.

National Organization of Parents of Blind Children Links and Scholarships for Blind Children.

Ron and Penny Harness Personal Web Site of Parents with a Blind Child. Resources, Links, and other Information.

Disability Resources Online Links and Resources. Maintained by the Parent of a Blind Child.

The Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped A free library program of braille, recorded and large print materials is available to residents of Tennessee who are not able to use standard print materials due to a visual or physical disability.

Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped ...Books and magazines are recorded on disc and cassette and produced in braille and mailed free to our registered borrowers. The library also loans large print books. (Philadelphia, PA) Links to other PA Libraries for the Blind also listed. 



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