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March 29, 1999


Dear Family Members/Caregivers;

Many months ago we began distributing information packets describing an initiative to develop The Brandee Waiver, to provide continued in-home supports for our sons and daughters after they reach the age of 21. I am writing to say that throughout this year of campaigning/advocating we now have a large group of supporters. Included in that group are family members, legislators, service providing agencies, teachers, and many other professionals who know the value of family and community. However, we are not totally there yet. The past several weeks we conducted a letter writing campaign addressed to the Governor, making pleas to include our vital cause in the up coming budget.

It is still very necessary to keep The Brandee Waiver a priority in the minds and eyes of our policy makers. To help them to understand our plight. I am asking all families of individuals with significant healthcare needs who receive in-home supports, to please send a picture of your son or daughter, (with their family or in their community) with an introduction and just a few lines telling what would be the impact to you, your child, and your family if these supports were not there.

The pictures will be included in a binder that Brandee and I will take with us to various supporters and legislators. It will also be delivered to the Governor.

Please give your son or daughter the chance to be represented. Let us make the faces of our loved ones real. I am encouraged that we will see this project to a successful conclusion.

Thank you, teamwork will make all the difference. Look to hear from you soon.



Sheila McLeod, Send pictures to:

Mother of Brandee McLeod Sheila McLeod

7002 Henry Avenue

Philadelphia, PA 19128





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