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Cued Speech Instruction Learning Materials

Cued Speech Discovery Home Page Information and Links.

GAINING CUED SPEECH PROFICIENCY A Manual for Parents, Teachers and Clinicians. 

Cued Speech  (UK) Publications, Facts, Instructional, and Links.

About Cued Speech History of Cued Speech

Cued Speech Information Links What is Cued Speech: Fact Sheet with Illustrations.

Quick Guides Cued Speech: Short Fact Sheet with illustrations.

Help Kids Hear Communication Strategies - Cued Speech.

Art of Cueing Instruction on How to Cue. You can print a copy of this document for you or your family's personal use. 

Print on Palm Illustrations (Also called Block or Spartan): A system used between deafblind and non-deafblind people to communicate, when the non-deafblind person is not skilled in other accessible communication methods. Complete with illustrations.

Deaf Identity Information, Links, and Resources.

Cueing Information "Why Cued Language is a Great Thing...". 

Language Matters What’s the Difference Between Cued Speech, Cuem, Cued English, and Cued Language?

Teacher Tipsheet Cued Speech.

Raising Deaf Kids Cued Speech: Learning to use hand shapes that stand for sound.

Communication Options Reference Chart

Parents Exchange List of Hearing Links, Resources, and Information. 

Parents Exchange List of DeafBlind Links. 


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