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A-Z to Deafblindness Learn more about deafblindness, and the people who live with it. Information about how to communicate with a deafblind person.

Deafblind International International Association Promoting Services for Deafblind People.  Resources and information on dual sensory loss of all kinds. Includes specialized consumer resource guides for adults, youth, senior citizens, and families.

Overview of Deafblindness A National Information Clearinghouse on children who are deafblind.

SEE/HEAR  Newsletter for families and professionals on visual impairments and deafblindness. (Available in English and Spanish)

Usher Syndrome A Condition which affects Hearing and Sight.

New England Center Deafblind Project Working with children and young adults and providing support for their families.  (Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire and Connecticut)

DeafBlind Children Home Page Information and support for parents of deafblind children.

Disability Resources Online Links and Resources. Maintained by the Parent of a Blind Child.

Helen Keller Worldwide Helps organizations and institutions in countries where the need is great. Includes resources, programs and general information.

Australian Deafblind Council

NYISE Deaf-Blindness Resources Many Links

Oregon DeafBlindness Project Spring 2003 Newsletter,

Vision and Hearing Loss Associated with Goldenhar Syndrome By Kate Moss, Family Specialist, TSBVI, Texas Deafblind Outreach

DeafBlind Connection A Web Site created for deafblind people and people with Usher. Includes Information, Rights,  and a Pen Pal Section. Very Accessible. 

Sign Language Alphabets from all over the world. American Sign Language, British Two-Handed Alphabet, German Finger Alphabet, and more.

Working with an interpreter or communicator guide for deafblind people Fact Sheet

Sense  Legal Matters, Short Fact Sheet.



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