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Juvenile Diabetes Foundation Information, Research, Resources, Links, and More.

Children Have Rights in School Information about the rights and care of diabetic children while in school.

Camps for Children with Diabetes Directory of Camps in the United States and Canada.

Children with Diabetes An online community for kids, families, and adults with diabetes. Includes: message boards, chat rooms, and questions/answers from medical professionals.

BrainPOP Educational Animations Animated movies, comic strips, and activity pages for kids with diabetes.

Diabetes Explained Offers Information, Links, and a Chat Room. 

Kids R Pumping Personal experiences with children using insulin pump therapy to manage their diabetes. Helpful hints for parents and children using insulin pumps.

Learn About Type 1 Diabetes Provides information about the symptoms, causes, diagnosis, and management of type 1 diabetes and juvenile diabetes.

Obesity-Linked Diabetes Rising in Children USDA information on relationship between obesity and juvenile diabetes.

Parent's Guide - Diabetes Information about childhood diabetes for parents.

Researchers Recommend Testing Diabetic Children for Celiac Disease The Medical College of Wisconsin researchers are recommending that children with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM) be tested for celiac disease.

KidSource Juvenile Diabetes Foundation International Stresses Urgency Of Diabetes Warning Signs

KidsHealth "What Is Insulin-Dependent Diabetes?"

T.H.O.R. Foundation Parents Support, Resources, Scholarships and Grants.

Diabetes Links

Dia-A-Log FREE On-Line Diabetes Log Book. Features: Doctor's Visits, Blood Glucose, Food Values, Short and Long Lasting Insulin Dosage, Custom Graphs and Reports, and Bolus/Basal Values.

Parenting Special Needs Flu Vacine Information.


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