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Polycystic Kidbey Disease Links

Dialysis Patient's Guide Links

Kidney Patient Guide Information for patients and those who care for them. 

The National Kidney and Urologic Diseases Information Clearinghouse Hematuria (Blood in the Urine).

Kidney Dictionary Index An online dictionary which defines words that are often used when people talk or write about kidney diseases.

Sodium and Renal Diet Information on the kidneys, sodium and renal problems. Includes recipes.

Genitourinary & Kidney Disorders Overview of Renal Failure.

Kidney Kids End-Stage Renal Disease in Children: What Causes It?

PubMed Hypertension and Progression of Chronic Renal Insufficiency in Children.

Life with one kidney Why does my child only have one kidney? Fact Sheet.

A to Z Topics Polycystic Kidney Disease. Fact Sheet.

KD Kids Kidney Disease: Advice for parents.

Kidney Research Concentrating on Kids. Information.

Transplant-related groups with web pages Directory of support groups by geographical location.

KidsHealth What Kids Need to know about Kidneys. Basic Kidney Facts for Children.

Mayo Clinic An extensive list of links concerning children & kidney disease.

Kidney & Urologic Free Daily Bladder Diary to Print out.

Pediatric Oncall Renal Stones in Children. Fact Sheet. Worldwide online community for people with kidney disease and their care givers.

KidsHealth What's the Deal With Dialysis? Brief Fact Sheet for Children.

Hemodialysis for Children Web Site for children on hemodialysis and their families, professionals and teachers working with them.

Children's Hospital St. Louis Pediatric Renal Replacement Therapy.

Look Smart Information for Kids about Kidney Problems.

Dialysis Fact Sheet: Types of Dialysis.

(Pediatirc Oncall) Nephrotic Syndrome FAQs about Nephotic Synfrome.

Childhood Nephrotic Syndrome An in depth look at Nephrotic Syndrome.

Advances in Renal Replacement Therapy A journal of the National Kidney Foundation.


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