Key Senators Might Be Caving To Administration Demands For Medicaid Cuts

and a Stacked Commission

April 26, 2005





Word is that key Republican Senators who supported the Smith-Bingaman Amendment, which removed $15 billion in cuts to Medicaid from the Senate Budget Resolution, might be backing down from their commitment. Senators Gordon Smith (R-OR), Olympia Snowe (R-ME), Arlen Specter (R-PA) and Norm Coleman (R-MN) are under tremendous pressure to accept the Administration's demand for cuts to the Medicaid program and to support a Medicaid Commission, with its members appointed by the Administration.

Cutting Medicaid would be a devastating blow to our efforts to save program. A commission with its members appointed only by the Administration would most likely rubber-stamp the Administration's desire to cut Medicaid.


It is important that you ACT NOW. Please call or email your Senator -
Specter - (202) 224-4254 Email
Smith - (202) 224-3753 Email
Snowe - (202) 224-5344 Email
Coleman - 202-224-5641 Email
and urge them to not cut Medicaid, and to support a truly bipartisan Medicaid Commission.

Thank you for your help. Legislative offices count every email, phone call and fax, so you will make a difference!

To find out who your Legislator is go to Legislative Action Center

Marsha Blanco

President and CEO, Achieva

phone: 412-995-5000 x401

From Pennsylvania Protection & Advocacy and Disabilities Law Project


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