Internet Mailing List Guides and Resources
In addition to explaining how mailing lists work, this site provides tips on using a list and describes the differences among listserv, Listproc, and Majordomo. Particularly helpful is a picture featured here that shows how mail is sent from you to others who subscribe to the same mailing list.

Maternal & Child Health Bureau

Newsletter Library
More than 11,000 free newsletters are listed at this site. You are sure to find something of interest here. Take a look.

Online Newstand
This site allows you to search the more than 1,000 titles either alphabetically or by subject area. Each publication gets a blurb and some offer a link to a URL.

Homeschool newsletter on line

Health Related Mailing Lists
From allergies to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and spinal cord injury, virtually every known ailment is included at this website. You'll also find a list of support groups at which you can share and exchange information.

Parenting Discussion Group

NCIP Library
A vast online library of information related to technology and students with disabilities. Explore this extensive library, read, print out, and disseminate the many resources.


E-Mail Discussion Groups
To find an interesting discussion group, consult this web page. Here you can search the list of lists for your favorite topic. If you have questions about joining an e- list, check the accompanying help files for subscribing and unsubscribing, posting and searching.

Mailing Lists on the Web (with subscribe instructions)

Disability Mailing Lists
This site is home to many informative and supportive resources for individuals with disabilities. Some of the lists you'll find featured here include Deaf Magazine, Disabled Student Services in Higher Education, and Information and Technology for the Disabled.