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AllTheWeb  - returns results quickly from an extremely large database gathered by the Yahoo crawler; offers multimedia and news searches; has a good advanced search interface

AltaVista - searches Web sites and Usenet newsgroups with advanced Boolean and field search options. See also Babel Fish, the AltaVista translation service.

AOL Search - engine that defaults to AND logic and offers an Options template for easy search construction; has an option to view results by popularity - general search engine enhanced by a number of specialty searches including a dictionary, thesaurus, currency converter, encyclopedia, maps, news and more (Site is a merging of the former search engines Ask Jeeves and Teoma)

BananaSlug - uses the Google search mechanism and seeds your search with a random word from the category of your choice to return unusual results

Brainboost - ask questions in plain English and retrieve pages with the relevant answer

ChaCha - search engine that offers live human guides to help answer queries

Exalead - offers concept clustering of results, thumbnail images of retrieved sites, and customization options such as organization of results by file type, geography or modification date

Factbites - beta engine that searches for full topic matches and returns meaningful, full sentence excerpts of sites in its results list

Google - ranks pages by tracking the links links from pages ranked high by the service. 

IceRocket - offers thumbnail images of retrieved sites; also saves a search history, creates an RSS feed of search results, and offers a free RSS builder

KoolTorch - returns results organized by graphical icons into general category clusters that, in turn, generate results within that category

Live Search - Microsoft's search engine that offers searches of the general Web as well as some deep Web sources and focused search including health, local, and questions/answers

Lycos - general search engine that also offers searches of a few deep Web content sources including people look-up, yellow pages and multimedia

Quintura - displays a type of tag cloud with keywords related to your search that can be selected to generate new results - service that limits results to the .edu, domain; also offers to search well-known dictionaries, encyclopedias, almanacs, etc.

Ujiko - features a number of results customization tools in a visual environment that also offers topic classification for subsequent searches

Webbrain - offers results in visual layout of related terms for subsequent searching

Yahoo! - portal with a general Web search and many other content services


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