Sites of Interest

Thought these locations would make our exploration quicker and easier today for the presentation.

General Interest Sites

Mapquest: Give an address...get a map!
How Do They Do That With HTML:
Multi Language Picture Dictionary:
Surfing Tips:
Surfing Lingo:
Miscellaneous Links for Kids:
Youth and Children's Resource Net:
Families USA : Healthcare information (especially managed care issues)
Grandparents and Special Others Raising Children:
Tripod: Tools for Life:
IOTA New Stuff:
Kids R Kids:
Muriel's Bookmarks:
Understanding and Using the Internet:

Disability Related Links

Disability Resources on the Web:
Special Needs Mailing Lists:
Parents Exchange:
Family Village:
National Parent Network on Disabilities (NPND):
Ask the Expert:
Resources for People with Disabilities:
Internet Resources for Special Children:
Health Organizations:
Children NOW Links to Children's Issues:
National Center on Fathers and Families Database:
Pediatric Points of Interest:
The Children Youth and Family Consortium Electronic Clearinghouse:
Parent to Parent Internet of Pennsylvania:
Sign Language Alphabet:
THOMAS Congress on the Internet:
Disability-Specific Web Sites:
Merck Medical Dictionary : (searchable)
2000+ Health and Disability-Related Websites:
Health Related Hotlines:
BANDAIDS and Blackboards:
COBRA Information:

Special Education Resources

The Resource Room:
Parent Training and Information Centers:
PA Instructional Support System:
Special Education Resources on the Internet (SERI):
Inclusive Education Resources:
The Side-by-side Analysis of the Old IDEA and IDEA 97:
ERIC Elementary & Early Childhood:
Early Intervention Technical Assistance:
IEP Q & A:
EI and Preschool Q & A:

Free & Fun Stuff

Virtual Present:
Bytesize Greeting Cards:
Virtual Florist:
Awesome Awards:
Resources for Webmasters:
Hot Coupons:
MetroKids' Attractions:
Parents Express Attractions:
Just for the Fun of It!:
Fun Sites for Kids 1-3:
Fun Sites for Kids 3-6: