PARENTS EXCHANGE Physical Disability Services and Supports 


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Friends of Disabled Adults and Children A non-profit organization in Atlanta which collects, refurbishes, and then gives away used wheelchairs and other mobility aids. Since 1986, they have given away over 3,800 wheelchairs to people in 34 states and 42 countries.

Personal Ponies A non-profit organization dedicated to providing children with special needs a tiny Shetland Pony to love and care for completely without charge.

Yoga for the Special Child A comprehensive program of Yoga techniques designed to enhance the natural development of children with special needs.

Helping Hands (Monkey Helpers for the Disabled) A non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for quadriplegic individuals by training capuchin monkeys to assist them with daily activities.

Service Animal Registry of America Registration and certification of Service Animals, Therapy Animals and their Trainers all around the world. 

Tips for parenting physically disabled children Article

Special Needs Kids  Support for children and parents with disabilities.

Larry's In Your Face (LIYF) A disability resource site with links and essays.

Abilities Network Organization dedicated to assisting individuals of all abilities and their families in achieving their personal goals and in reaching their maximum potential.

Exceptional Parent  Information, support, encouragement and outreach for parents of children with disabilities.

Abledata  Funded by the National Institute on Disability & Rehabilitation Research.  The Abledata Product Database  has descriptions of thousands of assistive technology products.  Consumers are encouraged to submit reviews of products.  There are also fact sheets and consumer guide for purchasing products.

Variety Club of Philadelphia  The Children's Charity provides social, therapeutic, recreational, and educational opportunities for children with disabilities.

Pegasus Academy Disabled children from low or fixed income families.


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