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Legislation Updates (Here was where the problem know something had to go wrong right?)

     Most of the links (except for those which were yours like the Appendix links and those from David Gates/Health Law) were broken. I did pretty well locating the information and linking them to appropriate sites. Then it happened....the big "boot". While I was in editor working on the page, I got booted offline. When I returned. The whole page was gone with the exception of  the top section of the page (the header). I tried to re-build it from memory but am not sure how that worked. I have come up with two possible solutions to fix this:

  1. If you have a copy of the page on your hard drive, you can email it to me, I will add the appropriate links and upload it into the site.

  2. You could email me what you would like changed/added/deleted,  and I will go into the html editor and correct the existing page.

The rest of the changes on that page are as follows:

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