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by J. M. Colter

 One of the secrets of happiness is to
 take time to accomplish what you have to do,
 then to make time to achieve what you want to do.
 Remember that life is short.
 Its golden moments needs hopes and memories and dreams.
 When it seems like those things are lost in the shuffle,
 you owe it to yourself to find them again.
 The days are too precious to let them slip away.
 If you're working too hard,
 make sure it's because it's a sacrifice for a time
 when you're going to pay yourself back
 with something more important than money could ever be.
 If you're losing the battle,
 do what it takes to win the war
 over who is in control of your destiny.
 Find time, make time, take time...
 to love, to smile, to do something rewarding
 and deeply personal and completely worthwhile.
 Time is your fortune,
 and you can spend it to bring more joy to yourself
 and to others your whole life through.
 Time is your treasure.