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NINDS (National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke) Syringomyelia Information Page.

Syringomyelia Facts Fact Sheet

Canadian Syringomyelia Network Worldwide Support for those with SM.

MedLinePlus Syringlmeylia Links

Syringomyelia and Scoliosis Case History Presented by Jeffery J. Meyer, M.D. and Robert Stanton, M.D.

The Autism-Chiari Link "Any child with a developmental disability should have an MRI to rule out the presence  of a Chiari or other abnormality. "

The Chiari Malformations Different Types of Chiari, Description, History, and Treatment. 

Mothers with Angels Chiari Information, Links, Chat Rooms, Resources, Poems, Personal Home Pages, and more.

World ACM Foundation A comprehensive site dealing with Arnold Chiari Malformation, in adults and teens.

Yahoo Groups: Chiari The World ACM Association's ACM/syringomyelia support group and mailing list. A group for and about those who suffer from Arnold Chiari Malformation with or without syringomyelia/syrinx.

Carries Chiari Connection Provides support, awareness, information, and a way to connect "chiarians" together. Includes a blog, photo gallery, and resources.

Yahoo Groups: Chiari-kids A World ACM Association members-only email list for children and teens with Arnold Chiari Malformations.


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